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Memorable spots I visited on my solo Europe trip

If you have seen my hauls on TikTok, then maybe you're someone who has requested a list of the spots I shopped at, ate at, and visited during my solo Europe trip. I visited Florence, Italy, Rome, and Amsterdam. Let's get straight to the point, here are my recs!


  1. Personally, I paid with card everywhere. I made note of which card had no exchange rate and used that one the whole time. I definitely carried some cash with me just in case.

  2. CARRY YOUR PASSPORT WITH YOU FOR SHOPPING? I missed out on a lot of tax refund opportunities. I did not want to carry my passport with me because I am always so paranoid of losing it. However, some shops did allow a photo of your passport picture.

Florence, Italy

Shopping - fragrance and apothecary

  • Aqua Flor - I think the most beautiful shopping experience I have ever had. It is huge and feels like a museum. Surprisingly, you can find really affordable luxurious gifts here. I got soap sets for 10 euros, and they were a hit with my family. I bought their fragrance called Zephyr that you can't find on their website.

  • Santa Maria Novella - A must when visiting Florence. Truly another museum-like shopping experience. Smell everything, spend your time here.

  • Antia Erboristeria San Simone - another apothecary fragrance spot. I didn't buy anything here, but it is just such a dreamy shop.

  • Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio - a cute apothecary and affordable. Lots of mini perfumes in beautiful bottles, a GREAT gift. I also got their pain relieving cream and it's one of the best I have ever used for my chronic neck and shoulder pain.

Shopping - leather

  • Via De Ginori, 23r - Throughout my entire month, I was hunting for a leather shop that was not only legit and good quality, but had beautiful and unique designs. This. Is. The. One. The store owner was so kind and knowledgable and the shop is huge. Their bag designs are so unique and cool. I bought their best-selling bag, that converts to a shoulder bag, a cross body, and a backpack. The owner showed me how her bag has developed over 30 years and I am just obsessed with using mine daily for that purpose.

  • P.Papini - a small and old leather shop near the museums and the river. It is simple and pretty. I got 2 nice wallets as gifts from here, and a gorgeous passport holder for myself.

  • School of Leather - I personally didn't love the designs here, but the experience was wonderful. You know I love workshops and tools. You could see everything here, including pieces of history from the school. I think you could even do a little leather workshop.

Shopping - decor, vintage, clothes, tea, etc.

  • Flor Decor - please go here. These were the neighboring sister shops to Aqua Flor. There is a wood carving master who sells candle holders and other designs. I bought the wooden wings from him, he is the nicest. That shop is across the road from Aqua Flor. The one directly next door has candles and house scents from Aqua Flor and I like it even more than the Aqua Flor experience (and that is already insanely beautiful). I recommend getting some candles from here. They are inexpensive and smell stunning.

  • Signum - I think there are 3 locations throughout Florence. You're going to love it here. Stationary, handmade notebooks and journals, stickers, the loveliest postcards. I got so much from here, and I came back like 4 times after my first visit.

  • Alpha Studio - after seeing every woman of every age and style in a long, relaxed wool coat, I made it my mission to find one. Alpha Studio had 100% wool coats that were relaxed and lightweight. I wear mine every single day now. I got the really dark navy one. Delicious. If you're in the market, go try them on.

  • Quercioli & Lucherini - chic lingerie, tops, and socks. I got a cute wool blend top with lace from here and some lace socks I adore.

  • Oronero - the best tea I have ever had. A tiny tea shop owned by two sisters. Their pear black tea has changed my world. It's actually the best tea I have ever had. Do me a favor and bring back a bunch for yourself, you won't regret it.

  • Montrose Vintage - if you google vintage in Florence, you'll find this shop. It's great! I have found some of my favorite vintage pieces from here. It's just a solid vintage shop.

  • Giunti Odeon - cinema bookstore. This has become one of my top 5 favorite places in the world. It's a dream come true for me. Go watch a film and read, write, take a nap, have some popcorn, and then buy some books if you'd like. But you don't even have to. You can just relax. I wrote out postcards here for my family.


  • Caduccio - cozy, hidden cafe oasis. Small, but delicious and so so cozy, like a little magic cottage. I wouldn't make a trip just to visit, but odds are you will pass by here eventually, so take note.

  • Via de Firenze Tea Cafe - a cafe literally dedicated to tea time. Go by yourself and order a tea and scone. It's a dream come true.

Rome, Italy

Shopping - candy, religious votives, fragrance, etc.

  • L'arte Sacra - catholic religious store. They have tons of crosses, mini statues, and endless additions for your nativity scene. I bought crosses for my grandma and a donkey for my bookshelf.

  • Schostal - chic, classic pajamas. I got the long sleeve lightweight dress and button-up and pant set. Every color combination you could want. Beware, the sales attendants will make you try them on and show them so if you're nervous about that, just choose your size and go. They won't fail to you comment on your body type and size, unfortunately. Also the pajamas are expensive, but worth it if you've wanted something luxe.

  • Essenzialmente Laura - Rome inspired fragrances. Their perfumes are inspired by the church and history of Rome. They are affordable and so unique, please go here! Their ceramic seashell house fragrance is like 7 euros and the best gift. Down the road that this shop is on, you'll find tons of other shops, so make it a day!

  • Dolciumi Onorati - small, classic candy shop. I got candied lilacs and roses. So beautiful! More lovely gift opportunities, and just a cute experience to feel like you're in a movie.


  • Basilica Saint Clement - an otherworldly religious, church experience. Unlike anything I have ever explored. It is a 12th century church built upon a 4th century church, on top of a 1st century one. It's unreal. Plus, the church shop has a lot of beautiful little inexpensive items. I bought beautiful notebooks from here.

  • Colosseum - just go, and get the pass that allows you to access the stadium part. I went really early, around 9am. I recommend this to beat the crowds, because even at this time, it was packed. Walk to Basilica Saint Clement from here!


  • Parco dei Principi - I ubered everywhere from here, but it's beautiful, the room service was excellent, and the spa that you have access to is fun. There's a sauna and big pool.



  • Carmen - cool boutique with unique designers and a cafe in the back

  • AVC - best designer vintage selection I have ever encountered. So wonderful and chic, and coffee inside!

  • Rica Studios - nice sweaters and cute shops surrounding

  • De Winkel Van Nijntje - Miffy store!! There is one in the center, so you don't need to walk the 30 minutes to this main location like I did. It's literally the same thing. So cute and fun!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via Instagram! I hope you enjoy your Europe trip and if you're going solo, carry a journal with you and enjoy everything.


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