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Swan Song

An excerpt from the February Secret Door 2024 newsletter. Sign up to receive the monthly Secret Door newsletter by signing up for our email list.

I saw a swan in Amsterdam. I have never seen one in real life before. It was floating right outside my hotel. I observed her from the bench. Her body was heavy and full, and looked just like the moving pendant I made in Florence.


I love her, I love her, I love her, I thought to myself. I love her. While I watched her glide across the canal, I allowed myself to become miniature. She lets me get on her plush back and I lay flat, looking up at the sky, in a snow-angel position. When I am cold, I fold myself very gently under her wing. And it's so much fun. Traveling down the canal, unseen. My hair in braids and my lips red. Not a heavy thought running through my mind.


"I am riding on the back of a swan, and she is carrying me through life. When I want to stop, she stops. When I am ready to keep going, I re-board, and we continue to glide".


I'd love to explain more, but I want to keep this sacred synchronicity to myself. What I can say is, the Swan Milagros are filled with this same magic and comforting energy. We are far from finished with the Swan motifs here at July Rose. Stay tuned, closely.


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